How to Install Oracle Developer Suite 10G

1/ Go to the


2/ Put mouse pointer on the Downloads menu and click on the Developer Tools from drop down menu.


3/ After clicking, go to the Developer Tools section and click on the Developer Suite 10g (includes Designer).


4/ After clicking we will see Oracle Developer Suite 10g (includes Forms and Designer) and three platforms.


5/ Click on the Windows from platforms section.


6/ Must need to accept the OTN License Agreement to download this software. So click on the Accept License Agreement button.


7/ Download two zip file from Oracle Developer Suite 10g ( for Microsoft Windows section.


8/ After downloading, extract two file in one folder that will show disk-1 and disk-2.


9/ Go to the disk-1 folder.

install oracle developer suite 10g


10/ Right click on the setup file and select properties from display menu  –> Click on the Compatibility tab –> Click on the check box that box is showing “Run this program in compatibility mode for:” –> Select Windows XP (Service Pack 2) and click on the Apply button. Then click on the okay button.


11/ We need to increase virtual memory to install this software. So right click on the My Computer –> Select properties from display menu –> Click on the Advanced system settings from the left side of the display menu.


12/ After clicking the advanced system settings then click on the Advanced tab from new open window –> Click on the settings box from performance section –> Click on the Advanced tab again from new open window –> Click on the Change box from Virtual memory section.


13/ After clicking on the Change box, we will see a check box with tick mark that is showing Automatically manage paging file size for all drives. We will remove the tick mark by clicking on the check box.


14/ After clicking, the Drive and Paging File Size box will be enable. Select C drive and click on the Custom Size button –> put the value 1024 and 4096 in the Initial size and maximum size box or we can also use space available and recommended value for Initial size and maximum size box –> click on the Set button –> click on the OK button.


15/ Need restart computer to install oracle developer suite 10g.


16/ After restarting, go to the disk 1 folder and click on the setup file –> click on the NEXT button from Oracle Universal Installer window –> If we want then we can change path location here to install oracle developer suite 10g or we can use default path location –> click on the next button.

how to install oracle developer suite 10g


17/After clicking next button, select Complete (1.11GB) button –> click on the Next button (It will take couple of minute to next step) –> Click on the Install button –> After some times we will see a disk location box to specify the path location of disk 2 –> click on the Browse button and select disk 2 folder –> click on the ok button –> Click on the Exit button when we will see End of Installation or The installation of Oracle Developer Suite 10g was Successful –> Click on the Yes button from the display Exit box.


18/ Go to C: drive –> app –> faculty –> product –> 11.2.0 –> dbhome_1 –> NETWORK –> ADMIN –> Copy tnsnames.ora –> Go to C: drive –> DevSuiteHome_1 –> NETWORK –> ADMIN –> Past tnsnames.ora or replace the file.


19/ Go to C: drive –> DevSuiteHome_1 –> click on jinit folder –> run jinit


20/ Go to C: drive –> DevSuiteHome_1 –> jdk –> jre –> bin –> click on the server –> copy jvm.dll –> C: drive –> Program Files –> Oracle –> JInitiator –> bin –> click on the hotspot –> past or replace jvm.ddl.



21/ Click on the start icon –> Click on the All program –> Click on the Oracle Developer Suite – DevSuiteHome1 –> click on Forms Developer –> Run Forms builder and Start OC4J Instance.



22/ After running Oracle Forms Builder, click on the Edit tab from display box –> click on the preferences –> SELECT Runtime tab from preferences box –> Click on the Browser button –> select iexplore.exe file from C:Program FilesInternet Explorer location –> click on the ok button.


Now connect with Oracle Database by using username and password and enjoy Oracle Forms builder with Internet Explore .