How to Install Oracle Database 11G on Windows 7

I am going to show how to install Oracle Database 11g.

First of all we need to download Oracle database file from Oracle site.

1/ Go to

2/ Select Downloads tab > Select Oracle Database from drop down menu and Database section.


database install


3/ After doing that we will see Microsoft Windows (x64) file 1, file 2(2GB) from Oracle Database 11g Release 2

4/ Click on See All Microsoft Windows (x64)


oracle database


5/ After doing that select Accept License Agreement.

6/ Then click on 2 zip for downloading file from Oracle Database 11g release 2( for Microsoft Windows (x64) section.


oracle install for windows 7


7/ After downloading then Extract or unzip two zip file. Since this file about 2 GB so it will take couple of minute to Extract.

8/ After unzip, Rename two unzip file for easy identify and installing


dtabase oracle install


9/ Go to database 2 folder >stage >Components >select all file and copy that


process oracle database installation


10/ Go to database 1 folder> stage >Components >past those of file here that we have copied from database 2 folder.


 oracle database


12/ Now go to database 1 folder and right click on setup file then select Ran as administrator.


database install


13/ This software will take 20 or 30 minute for installing. Below the first window after run setup file.
Click on the check box for blank then click next button.


database install


14/ Click on the Yes button.


oracle database install


15/ Select Create and configure a database >Next >Select Desktop Class >Next

16/ put administrator password and confirm password then click on the Next button


oracle database


17/ After checking click on the finish button from oracle database 11g window.


database install


18/ Now it will take 15 or 20 minute to install oracle database 11g, after that oracle installation fill will show a database configuration assistant box. Click on the Password Management option from database configuration assistant box.


database install for windows 7


19/ After clicking, we will see a Password Management box for lock and unlock database user account. Go to the HR section, we will see a tick mark under the lock account section. Click on the tick mark for unlock account from HR row. After that put new password and confirm password. Click on the ok button then click on the yes button from the display box.


20/ Click okay again from database configuration assistant box.


oracle 11g


21/ After doing that we will see the installation of Oracle Database was successfully. Click on the close button.


database 11g install


22/ Last of all go to the CMD form then write sqlplus to connect SQL * Plus. Enter username and password and run a sql code to check the database.


database oracle