How to Change WordPress Admin Email From Backend

Those of us who are new in using WordPress or are new web designers often face the common problem is that the WordPress admin cannot change the email. When you want to change the admin email from Dashboard -> Setting-> General, it will give you a message after pressing the submit button, you will see a message like an image below.

wordpress admin email

It shows you that it has sent you a confirmation email. With which you can verify the new email. But many times, this email does not reach our inbox. It’s more painful for those who develop websites for clients. But the client did not receive the email !! It creates an uncomfortable situation. It may be that the client is not giving you access to the database! So now you are both in crisis.

Freelancers who work in marketplaces like Fiverr are very worried that if the client cancels the project, his average project completion rate will go down. Meanwhile, the client may not be helpful many times.

I browsed the internet and found no solution. I finally got the desired formula from a resource that I am going to share with you now. You can solve this problem by using this simple trick. Let’s see it then. 

wordpress admin email

If your domain name is, then enter in the address bar

Now scroll down to admin_email and enter your email. Now save and return to Dashboard -> Setting-> General and see that your email has changed very quickly.

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