Make Money With Amazon Affiliate | A to Z Guideline

There are many tutorials on how to start a website, how to rank, how to start earning. There is a lot, a lot. But here I will just give a summary. If you keep it in your head, you will quickly understand the whole process. And it is very important.

I will say a few levels about how to make money with amazon affiliate:

1. Plans and decisions

You are planning to make income by creating a website. Look at the market at the beginning of this process. Market means the Amazon site. There are thousands of types of products. Decide which product you will work with by looking at them. Decide that.

When choosing a product, keep in mind: Are there any related products and tools related to this product? If you look at the reviews of the product you choose, you will understand what kind of demand there is in the market.

2. Keyword Selection

That is the most important thing. If you make a mistake in the keyword selection, everything is wrong; everything will be lost. So choose the keywords carefully. It is usually profitable to select keywords in this process, it is easy to rank:

Product Name / Keyword + Review
Product Name / Keyword + Reviews
Best + Product Name / Keyword
Cheap + Product Name / Keyword

Google AdWords, LongTail Pro Platinum tools can help you choose keywords. This article is significant for keyword selection:

3. Domains and hosting

When the keyword is final, buy the domain and hosting. Better if the domain is old. When purchasing a domain, make sure that your keywords are not the same. This is called an exact match domain. In which there is a possibility of having a Google penalty. The partial match domain is good. That means something like this that partially matches your keywords.

4. Content Writing

If you can write the content yourself, then it is excellent. And if you can’t, you can take it from the content provider. In that case, remove the content order in advance. Usually, the following content is required for the website:

A main article/buying guide: 2-3 thousand words
Review Articles: 10-15 words, 800-1200 words each
Informative articles: 8-10 words, 500-1200 words each

It is enough to have a few articles.

5. Nice site design

No need to worry too much about beautiful site design. The lighter the site, the better. Content is more important than design. In the beginning, use free themes and plugins without using design, paid themes, paid plugins. Both time and money will be saved.
Themes: Get from the default WordPress theme or WordPress directory.

Plugin List: You will need the following plugins:
1. All in One SEO Pack
2. Google XML Sitemap
3. Jetpack by

You can install many more plugins if you want.

6. Onpage SEO

If you can set up your content well by following different tags, then you don’t have to worry about on-page SEO anymore. And if you set up the All in One SEO Pack plugin well, you will get gold. That’s enough.

7. Offpage SEO

A lot of work here. It will take you a maximum of one month to do the above. And off-page work will take you 3-6 months. If you do well, it may take less. What to do? A lot. But how do you do that?

Social Share: Share your site on 15-20 social networks. Do more on the homepage. Less than the inner page.

Social profiles: Create profiles on 15-20 social sites where links to your website can be placed.

Social Bookmarks: This is also important.

Question & Answer sites: Use sites like Yahoo, Quora and worrior forum. Also, do a lot more like this. But the most important are: blog comments and guest blogging. And if there is investment availability, then PBN.

Blog Commenting: Comment 5-10 blogs a day with different anchor text and links to your website. Of course, related blogs.

Guest Posts: Find your niche/keyword related sites who add guest posts. Submit at least 8-10 guest posts per month with links to your site.

If you do this, your keywords will appear on Google’s 2nd or 3rd page in about 1 month. Will come to the first page in 2/3 months unless caught in Google sandbox. In other words, your income is likely to start 4/5 months after the start.

8. Passive income

Usually, when a site is ranked, it doesn’t take much work for that site. Income is then automatic. And that’s when the fun.

Concluding remarks
I just tried to give an idea from where and how to start work and what to do. Now there are expert brothers to know the details. And there are Google Mama and various resource center-authority blogs. I hope after doing all of these things your will perfectly able to make money with amazon affiliate.

16. more coming soon

After reading this article what do you think? Can you make money with amazon affiliate program?