Introducing JavaScript

Today I will introduce with JavaScript:

JavaScript is client side scripting language; it means its run on client pc (run on client browser). JavaScript and JAVA are two different languages. JAVA is fully Object Oriented programming language and JavaScript is scripting language (Client side scripting language). JavaScript is one implementation of a specification known as ECMA Script. JavaScript was originally developed by Brendan Eich at Netscape sometime in 1995–1996. Back then, the language was called Live Script.



introducing javascript


JavaScript is quite simple and it’s loosely type language. Now I am showing an example for introducing javascript:

  • First open a browser like Internet explorer, Firefox or any other browser
  • Just simply write JavaScript:alert(“WOW JavaScript run!!!”) this code within the browser
  • Press Enter

When I press enter, my browser gives me alert message “Wow JavaScript run”. You can try this code on your own browser.


Note: If you copy this code and pest your web browser address bar then code does not work. It will remove this “JavaScript:” So must be type the code in your browser.

Next time I will show how to write JavaScript code on HTML page.