10 Ways to Make Money Blogging Online | 2 Million a Month!

Making money from blogs is easy now. The revenue from blogs has multiplied since AdSense supported most languages. Although many people think that AdSense is the only source of income from blogs, there are many more ways to do this through blogs than AdSense.
Your hard diligence can make it your primary source of earning. 

How much money do bloggers make? For example, after the establishment of Tech Crunch in 2005, the owner of the blog, Michael Arrington, sold it in 2010 for 25 million. In other words, in just five years, his blog became worth 25 million. Now I hope I don’t have to say anything more about the importance of blogs. I am telling you how do bloggers make money from online.

There are several ways to earn money from blogs, one of which is Google AdSense. Even if AdSense bans you, there are many alternative Google AdSense platforms from which you can make money. Also, below I have discussed many more ways that I hope will benefit you.

How make money online Blogging

1. Google AdSense

One of the ways to make money from blogs is AdSense AdSense is the only source of income for many bloggers. Numerous websites around the world have found success through Google AdSense. In particular, Jack Harrick, the founder of WikiHow, founded in 2004. Her website receives 40 million views per day and AdSense generates 2 million a month.

Also, there is another person from AdSense whose monthly income is above Rs 4 crore. He is PT Cashmore and his blog is called Mashable. Now think about whether or not to optimize AdSense on your blog.

2. Advertising

Since AdSense, they publish ads from various companies and organizations directly on your website. If you want, you can also publish advertisements for other companies directly on your website without any medium.

In this case, of course, you have to have contact with various organizations and companies. However, if your website views and traffic is high, then different companies will contact you to advertise.

3. Sponsored post

The sponsored post means when you exchange money to share any post on your blog. Different companies or organizations from time to time, publish paid blogs to promote their products. If you are a blogger, these sponsored posts can be one of your sources of income.

4. Affiliate Products

Those who have an idea about affiliate marketing do not have to say anything new. You will share articles on your blog about the features and benefits of different companies’ products. You will get a commission at a fixed rate based on their product clicks and sales.

5. Paid membership

When your website becomes very popular, and when each of your content becomes much more valuable, you can turn to a paid membership system. Through this, if someone wants to read a specific article on your website, he can read the article if he buys a membership with money.

However, do not re-introduce paid membership on any general blog. This is because such membership is usually more effective in courses, health, tutorials, counseling based websites.

6. Review

When a new mobile phone or a new product comes on the market, it is possible to make money by reviewing its features and qualities. The importance of reviews is increasing day by day due to the growth of electronic gadgets and e-commerce websites.

You can also earn money by reviewing the product by signing an agreement with e-commerce or any seller. For example, you can find out how to make money from Amazon by reviewing products on your blog site.

7. Selling digital products

In the age of the internet and smartphones, the term digital product is quite familiar to everyone. Some of the notable digital products are:

Tutorials or online courses
Software and games
Themes, plugins and designs
Music or video etc.

These products can be sold online. However, it is not the case that you will have to make all these products. If you want, you can also sell these digital products of others on your blog.

8. Selling services

Selling services means that if you are a good web and graphic designer, you can make your talent public by writing blogs online. As a result, people will call you in the future, which will create an alternative source of income for you. There are also some other services such as:

Cooking recipes made
Article writing
Graphics or web design
Provide ideas or advice
Take online courses

You can offer the services mentioned above or services to a group of people for a certain amount of money. People are also quite interested in these issues.

9. Business partnership

A business partner is a contract with a trader. This means that you will promote them by writing or advertising their products or services on your blog, in return for which they will pay you. Such an agreement can be with any type of business organization. It can even happen with any blog.

10. Donation

Donations are a source of income for many websites and blogs. It may be the best medium for those who have created Islamic blogs but do not advertise. Other bloggers can also put donation methods in their blogs. This will allow visitors to pay for your website as they wish.


This was a brief discussion on how to make money online blogging today. The funny thing is that you can make money on your blog by applying one or more of the methods mentioned above. So, if you haven’t started blogging yet, plan today and get started fast. Before you start new blogging, you must know some essential things. These things will help you in blogging.