How to Extract Images from a MS Word File

In some cases it could be necessary to extract images from a word file. Suppose a web developer can get a word file from his client with full content including images. In the mean time this developer needs to copy the images from the word file. But most often its not easy to task to copy and paste image from a word file. Most people don’t know the easy tricks. Here I am explaining what most people do:

Select image from word file -> Copy the image -> paste it to the default paint tool of windows -> crop the image -> than save the image to a particular destination.  I think its a huge task and that can make you bore if you could have to collect a basket of image.

Now I will tell you an excellent way to extract image from a word document. Follow the steps:

First make a duplicate file of the word file -> change the file extension docx to zip. A warning will display and conform it.

Double click the zip file-> There is a folder named “Word” -> open the word folder -> you will see a media folder.

extract image from word file

This media folder contains all the images of the word file. I think its the simplest way to collect images from a word document.

Why waiting man!! Try now……………