How Can I Speed Up My Android Phone? 7 Effective Ways to Boost Performance

Mobile is slow? After buying a smartphone, the extreme torture on the smartphone started. As a result, a common complaint of everyone is how to make mobile fast in less than six months? Or the way to fast if the mobile is slow.

A lot of the time, it is suddenly hanging without doing a little work. Such sad problems are not allowing you to enjoy your slow Android in peace. As a result, many people restart or restore the phone. But if you act with a little ingenuity, your problem will be largely solved. Today I will tell you six ways that you can get your slow Android as fast as before. So let’s find out;

1. Uninstall unnecessary apps

This is a fundamental and easy way to make your Android fast. We often install a lot of apps unnecessarily or some of them are installed for a short period which is no longer needed. Uninstall apps that do not work for you or will not work in the future. If you hold down the icon of your unnecessary apps, you will see the uninstall option at the top. You can also uninstall it by going to Settings> Apps. Or you can disable heavy but not immediately needed apps. 

2. Empty memory

Keep lots of apps, videos, audios, files on your Android phone, whether you need it or not. You can clear the memory by deleting the ones you don’t need or clear cache, this will give speed to your phone. You can see which ones have more memory. For this, you first go to Settings> Storage. Now see which ones have more memory. 

3. Gadget Remove

We use different gadgets to decorate the smartphone. Dimensional gadgets slow down your Android. To remove excess gadgets like a double clock, temperature meter, weather box, game box etc. from your front panel. 

4. Disable Power Hunger App

There are many apps that use a lot of battery power. And one of the reasons for increasing battery power is the speedup of the phone. So you go to settings and go to battery. Now see which ones are using more battery power. Disable those that are unnecessary. It’s an effective way to keep mobile fast.

5. Animation Mood Off

It works a lot to make your Android faster. For this, you need to go to settings. Then go to about phone. Now press the build number 7 times. You will see that you have been congratulated as a developer. Now you go back to the main settings and press the developer option to enter and find the animation scale option. In this case, you will get three options. Turn everything off. Now you will see that your phone is much smoother than before. However, if your phone is not super slow, then you do not need to turn it off.

6. Activate Data Save Mood

If you have Google Chrome on your Android, you go to browser settings. Now there is an option called Data Saver. You enter this option and turn it on. You can instantly see how much data is being saved on your phone. This will increase the speed of loading your online page. It’s a great way to speed up if the mobile is slow.

7. Turn off account sync

You can turn off the sync of your unnecessary online accounts. For this, you need to go to settings and go to account. Then see which accounts you don’t need. Then turn off sync by pressing on that account.

If your phone is still slow, even after using these methods, restart. If it is still not fast, do a factory reset. And of course, keep a backup of all the data in your memory while doing this. If it is still not fast then admit the phone in ICU (lol)….