Check Out Seasonal Keywords for SEO

We all know the importance of keyword in affiliate marketing or blogging. But its not always possible for newcomers to realize it. In this place of affiliate marketing, we neglect the most, and suffer severe losses. It is very necessary to understand the importance of keywords and there is no room for neglect.

Many people post in different groups on Facebook – whether this keyword will be good, whether this keyword can be worked on. I have been providing keyword research services for a long time and I have done tanning, studying and researching on keyword research for a long time. So, I am going to share my experience with you.

There are many methods to follow to find good keywords. I will discuss one by one in the coming days. I will share with you my experience and experts opinion.

What is Keyword Seasonality?

The keyword seasonality is that the product is not sold throughout the year, it is sold for a few months of the year or it is sold at a specific time, on a specific day or on the occasion of a festival. For example, a Christmas tree or a cake is sold at a particular time of the year. You will not be able to sell it all year round.

How to check seasonality

There are many tools on the market for seasonality checking. There are free tools like Google Trends as well as paid tools like Ahrefs, Keyword Revealer. Paid and free, you can use anyone you want.

Google Trends easy solution

Google Trends is the easiest solution. There are many tools in the market I like most Google Trends. It is free and trustworthy. Many of us know about this free tool of Google. Again, some may not know. This is the most acceptable free tool to understand how popular a topic is on Google.

Demand for this specialty has grown significantly as a result of recent corporate scandals. Since demand is slowly declining, it is best not to work.

You can also see which niche graph is increasing year by year. You can also see which niche is moving in the same rhythm.

Google Trends has everything for you; All it takes is patience and concentration.

Keyword Revealer is also reliable. Recently, Quad Revealer has introduced a feature called Volume Trends to see the keywords. This is also quite effective. keyword revealer is a premium tool that allows you to check the difficulty of three keywords and 7 keywords.

You can try Uber Suggest

Research means sorting out information in different ways. It is always good to collect data from ecological tools. Ubersuggest is a very popular tool for professionals to verify keyword data. Neil Patel recently bought it. Even though it has a premium service, you can get some useful information for free.