What is Popcorn Time : Next Generation Bit Torrent Client

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It’s the time to forget to download movies from torrent. We have entered a new generation and concept of bit torrent client for watching movies without downloading with full HD quality. It will save both time and hard disk space!!! Now it is the best free movie app on the internet.

What is Popcorn Time:

The original Popcorn Time software was a multi-platform, free software BitTorrent client which included an integrated media player. The program and its forks of the same name are free alternatives to subscription-based video streaming services (such as Netflix). Popcorn Time used sequential downloading to play copies of films listed by several torrent websites (although other trackers can be added and used manually). (Source Wikipedia)

How to use:

Download Popcorn time free software. Than install it in your PC. After installation run the popcorn application. Search your required movie and select the video quality such as 1080p, 720p or other. With in 30 seconds the movie will begin with the best quality.

popcorn time

Using Popcorn Time you will forget to download movie from torrent sites. Its really amazing!!! Awesome!! Fantastic!!! Its interface is user friendly. For this reason the popularity of popcorn time is increasing day by day.  500-600Kbps internet speed is good enough to watch HD movies.

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